Some Members

Enjoys:�AoC, Drinking, Backpacking, and Motorcycles.
Favourite Civs:�There is only one Civ.
Age: 29
My goal is to hunt down wallers and TG players and make them my puppet.
vietnam [sT]_SeOul_kr
Enjoys: LAN Parties, AoC with friend and getting drunk 11
Favourite Civs: Huns, Turks, Japan
Age: 29
My goal is to play for fun with friends only
vietnam [sT] KuTaTaXoa
Enjoys: Money, and beautiful girls.
Favourite Civs: Spanish, and Franks
Age: 24
My goal is to go 2k2++
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vietnam [sT]74_Cheng__
Enjoys: aoc, flute, moto. and gear 🙂
Favourite Civs: All
Age: 29
My goal is to maybe become a express 🙂

Enjoys: I enjoy playing aoe2. My goal is to become computer expert, Moto: Behold mighty Chinggis Khan army is approches. Gear: Canadian gaming workstating Eurocom Scorpius:
Favourite Civs: Mongols and Goth and Franks
Age: 35
My goal is to become 2k

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vietnam [sT]macay2018
Enjoys: Listening music, traveling and party ^^
Favourite Civs: Goths celt and aztecs
Age: 35
My goal is to play for relax ^^


Enjoys: play video games, play drums, make streaming and listen a lot Metal
Favourite Civs: Godos coreanos hunos vikingos
Age: 31
My goal is to be happy ! xD


Enjoys:� explore and work in the field
Favourite Civs:� chinos, coreans, turks and teutons
Age: 21
My goal is to get 2k