Aztec + Mongols Strat

2v2 Strat. Aztecs + Mongols

  Firstly, this would be very hard to pull off. This is meant for good players only, and for them it will require a lot of practice.

Basically, it is aztecs + mongols. The aztec has good farmers, so he decides to do a late maa attack (12:30 feudal) without using his boars. He uses his EW to lure a boar to his ally (before scouting enemy). His allies vil can meet him a couple of screens from his TC. He does the same with second boar. The mongol has 4 boars with which to do feudal at about 9 mins and go stable first for scouts then add range for skirms.

Teamwork in feudal is important. The aztec can stay at home at first, amking militia to be turned to maa, and do some walling for defence. He feudals late so expect his opponent to hit him early. The mongol can raid both enemies with scouts and kill some vils early on. The mongol player can get a second stable up and make many many scouts. He can then help the aztec to kill the archers which will probably be on him. and the aztec maa are good enough at killing spears.

The EW only has to lure the boars half way, then a mongol vil can take over. The mongol has 2 boars of his own. So i guess the first boar wont have to be there until about 5 mins (mongol guy can have both his boar eaten by then).

Boar luring with an ew is easier than with a scout. But doing it while you keep your economy going right would be very hard.

Still, it is a new idea and that is rare nowdays. And it makes a 2v2 into a team game rather than 2 1v1’s.

by ME_TooCold