Dark Age Rush

Drush (Dark age Rush)

 Although this is quite a well known strat it isnt in here. This is my basic outline of what to do as i cant stand build orders (although ill give you some times to work to…)

Basically your intention is to crush his economy in the Dark age so that he cannot flush you (this is a good anti Hun tactic). The best civ to choose for his is the Aztecs as you save a vital 50 gold on the free loom and their villies are pretty efficient in the dark with +5 carrying.

When you start dont bother building a LC (lumber camp) but instead use the stragglers with your 7th villie (assuming the other 6 are on sheep). Be as quick as you can finding all of your sheep and start scouting from the back of your base as you might find the last 2 sheep on your way down to his base. when you have done your base quickly scout out his lumber, gold, and stone and by about 6-7 minutes you should have moved down to his base with about 3 villies.

One thing that is really worth doing if you are good at micro is to put a villie IN a 4 palisade ring next to his boar(s) and then lure/kill them. This wastes a hell of a lot of his time walking to go and fetch the food if he notices. 😀 very evil (i saw djinn crouvex do that one…)

At home you want to keep using sheep/boars for as long as poss and then use your berries (no mill)
eventually you will have to build a LC but dont go too intensive on wood (food and a little gold are the most important thigs here)

Back at the front line you should have built a rax and walled his outer gold etc. you should be able to build 5 militia with the extra gold from no loom. with thse you shoudl attack his lumber to scare off his villies and then wall in his lumber and his berries (crucially)with the villies. this should cost him dearly and stifle his feudal attack if he can mount one at all seeing as he will have to farm for food. One thing to make sure that you do is keep scouting his other trees to make sure that he cannot build another lumber camp. If he does then repeat the same thing. meanwhile you should try to make your base as well defended as possible with walls that force any army which he CAN make through your TC.

Then you should go up to feud by around 15 ( or 14 once you really perfect it) and proceed as normal. he might throw an army at you whilst your still in dark but those 5 militia + 3 villies are damn stubbourn to kill and remember that he wont be able to afford farms as stable and range…

Basically this strat works very well if you have a good base posn. (lumber at the back, close berries etc) and also if you have a competent micro management (*esp with walling/killing boars). The difference between someone who does this strat OK and the person who makes it killer is the feudal time. managing your home econ at the same time as your front line is the 1337 skill…

by TSoW_Sync