Economy Management: Ultimate Guide

Postby Tyger on Thu May 17, 2012 10:45 am

Here’s a comprehensive information guide about the basics of economy management…

Efficient Placement of Buildings

Lumber Camp
1 villager chops + drops (walking distance) = 10 wood – 30 seconds
Two golden rules to pay attention to when deciding where to place your lumber camp is firstly its distance to your Town Center, and secondly how surrounded it is with trees. As you start to chop down tree by tree, the longer it will start to take each villager to carry the wood back from increasingly distanced trees. For that reason, the ideal location for your lumber camp is deep in the forest.
To render your wood chopping operation more efficient, it is best to build a 2nd lumber camp and to divide up your lumberjacks (ideally 5 to 6 on each). This way you will prevent your lumberjacks from bumping into each other.

1 villager on forage bush = 10 food – 32 seconds
The forage bush is perhaps one of the most reliable food sources. Each player has 5 bushes of 250 food and once the mill is efficiently placed, the gather rates of foragers are almost close to those of shepherds. You would ideally want to have around 3 to 5 villagers foraging, not more.

Gold & Stone Mine Camp
1 villager mines gold = 10 gold – 28 seconds
1 villager mines stone = 10 stone – 30 seconds
Gold and Stone piles are important no matter what the map is. A player who has restricted access to gold or stone is likely to lose the game especially at the castle and imperial ages. So when rushing an opponent, cutting him off from especially gold should be a priority.
If you’re going for a large archer rush or a knight rush, it is useful to place a 2nd mining camp to be able to mine gold more efficiently.

1 villager farms = 10 food – 28 seconds
As sheep, boar and deer run out, you will have to turn to farming as your main food source. It is important to place farms attentively to get maximum efficiency. Here’s an example of how farms should be placed. I call it the star shape farm layout and you can get 8 inner and 4 outer farms for a total of 12.

Food Sources
Rot speed of sheep, boar and deer meat = 1 meat – 3 seconds

1 villager on sheep = 10 food – 30 seconds
From the first minute to the seventh, your main source of food will be the 8 sheep (100 food each) that each player starts with. They will provide you with enough food to start a villager flow and to start stocking to advance to the feudal age. It is important to kill 1 sheep at a time as you will start losing 1 meat every 3 seconds because of the rotting factor. Meanwhile you should keep your other sheep close to your Town Center to prevent the opponent’s scout from robbing them.

1 villager on boar = 10 food – 24 seconds / 35 food – 84 seconds
The main food source that you will need is the 2 boars (360 food each) that each player gets. There might also be additional boars around the map.
How to lure? First of all, research the loom upgrade. This will add another 15 hp to your villager.
Then send your villager to attack a boar. After the 2nd arrow, run back to your Town Center.
As the boar’s speed is 2.1 and your villager’s 2.0, it will have a few hits on your villager.
As soon as you get to your Town Center, garrison your wounded villager and order your other villagers to attack and kill the boar.

1 villager on deer = 10 food – 24 seconds / 35 food – 84 seconds
Deers are a good additional food source used especially in knight rushes, fast castle based strategies and generally when booming. It takes 2 hits to kill a deer and as they run off quite quickly try to get your shots synchronized. Be weary of your opponent’s scout who may wish to kill your deers.

Shore Fishing
1 fishing ship on shore fish = 15 food – 55 seconds
1 villager on shore fish = 10 food – 24 seconds
On water maps and in even on closed maps like Blackforest, you might want to invest in fishing. During the dark age, the ideal number of fishing ships often vary from 4 to 5, but it very much depends on the map.
If there are 2-3 shores fishes, it can be a good decision to invest in making a 2nd mill.

Deep-water Fishing
1 fishing ship on deep-water fish = 15 food – 32 seconds
When you build a dock, you must first set out your fishing ship to scout the perimeter for deep-water fish as they are the single fastest source of food income. You should get these types of fish first, and the shore fish later on.

Sources for Gold Income

Trade Carts
As the game progresses into the imperial age and as gold starts to run out, players often resort to trading among themselves. The amount of gold a trade cart receives depends very much on the distance it has had to get from your own market to your ally’s.

8 tiles = 1 Gold (Minimum distance)
24 tiles = 4 gold
40 tiles = 9 gold
60 tiles = 15 gold
100 tiles = 34 gold
140 tiles = 60 gold
160 tiles = 75 gold
A tile is best represented as a single palisade.

Relic Gold
1 Relic in 10 seconds = 2.5 gold
2 Relics in 10 seconds = 5 gold
3 Relics in 10 seconds = 8 gold
4 Relics in 10 seconds = 10 gold
5 Relics in 10 seconds = 12.5 gold
Another, yet slower, source of gold income are the relics. Having 2-3 relics over a period of 5 minutes would add up to between 150 – 240 gold.