How to beat the Huns

How to beat Mighty Huns

  So, you couldn’t play in unrated cause it was mostly noobs, or perhaps you like rated. You’ve come accross another Hun whore. He beats you horrible in fuedal with a massed army of scouts/skirms. You realize you cant beat him in fuedal. You’ve also just realized and accepted these things:

  • Huns are the best fuedal age civlization (if allowed to grow)
  • You can’t seem to beat them at all
  • You “suck.” I don’t think you suck though.. not EVERYONE can play Arabia 24/7 and play Huns 24/7

    So, what can you do? Well, there are many things

  • Fuedaling faster and hitting him before he has a chance
  • Play Defense
  • DRush

  • Fuedal faster.. this can be done with the Mongols. Their hunting bonus and +2 LOS is still as useful as it was a year ago. This allows them to beat the Huns to fuedal by at least a minute. Huns fuedal between like.. 7:50 and 10, right? Well, Mongols should be able to fuedal around 7-9, no doubt. Their scout allows them to find resources, find enemy, and discover their plan faster than any other civilization. And as said earlier, the hunting bonus accelerates them big time.

    A Mongol can Feudal earlier, and hit him quickly. A nice Skirmsisher rush would do well, as well as a simple Scout rush. Scout rush would be tactical since.. by the time you send those 3 scouts to his town for the first attack ,he’ll be fuedal and have..what? 2 skirmishers ready? You can easily outrun his spears and retreat, hurting his economy. At the same time you can get archeries ready and get YOUR skirmishers out, and use those “useless houses” as a wall, to help you. The Scouts should do well in wiping his skrims out and disrupting economy, then wait for the skirms to come.

    This strategy works best with Mongol because of their speed, which the Huns lack. (well, they dont lack it, but they cannot match the Mongols)

    So, in other words, kill the flusher before he kills you.

  • DRush- Simply pick Aztecs, which is by far the best drushing civilization, and do your thing. You should be able to wall his resources in and hit him with Militia. This would definately catch ’em off gaurd. (especially since they have no houses, meaning they detect you slower) I won’t get into detail much, but this strategy DOES work, no doubt.

  • Playing Defense- the Huns are known for that tough castle rush or fuedal skirm+scout combo. You can’t really match the Huns in fuedal.. its too tough. Once they have their skirmishers (which made easier due to more wood) and scouts (which are made faster) massed, you’re doomed. However, a nice flush defense of towers, some skirmishers/spears, and effective walling (done with houses+military) can really stall, and possibly defeat his flush. This allows you to castle faster and hit him with a large force of knights and remaining skirmishers. Can work quite well against a cocky hun who’d just as rather stay in fuedal, thinking that you’re going to try and challenge his superior fuedal army.

    –Also– (credits go to flamingScorpion oof MFO)

    Men-at-arms: First of all, since scouts usually aren’t sent over till later in the Feudal age, a few men-at-arms can work quite nicely against skirms. Even if the odds are heavily tilted against them, m@a beat skirms. And that’s assuming that there’s a decent number of skirms (like 10+). Sure, you can micro the skirms to back up. However, the difference in speed is so small and the m@a gain so much ground whenever the skirms turn around to fire. To make backing up work the skirms will have to be literally be running all over the map. Also, men-at-arms are good at destroying their forward buildings. Even if the skirmies have a spearman screen, the men-at-arms will still win if they have about half as many forces.

    Kill the forwards: When you’re scouting the map, look for spots that would make good places for forward bases. After you’ve found the enemy base and scouted it sufficiently, have your scout patrol around the area and the path from the enemy’s base to yours, and build your houses at good spots for forward buildings, with maybe a few palisades for “funneling” them over. In the dark age, don’t loom and instead build a barracks, then queue up five militia while transitioning. If you see the forwards, have your militia attack. They’ll win if you have more. If the numbers are equal, have your scout attack as well. Even if you don’t find the forwards, you’ll probably have enough guys to defend against the first wave.

    Town Layout: A good town layout can actually work well against a rush. Try not to face your resources toward the enemy. In other words, build your resource camps and mills (with the possible exception of berry mills) on the side of your TC that’s facing the edge of the map. In fact, it’s better to put your first lumber camp at a small forest on the inside of your TC than a large one on the outside. Be especially sure to do this with your farmers.

    Huns are powerful, but can be countered with anticipation and strategy. There are always ways out. Thanks for reading.

    by Champsta