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[sT] vs [McL] Clan War Victory

linked to Voobly Rec. Game

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Upgrade [sT] Whatsapp group

Hello guys, all members from sT are welcome!
Whatsapp New Link to Group

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Welcome new members!

sT R_ompe

sT Parthonox

sT BillabamZilla

sT kdp4ever

sT Zeroos

sT AswLord

sT Zyro

sT Mister_Zakro

sT Fercho69

sT MavriK

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AoE Zone


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Winter is here!

As a clan, we need to support each other. 

We are a known team now, with many skill levels. Higher players can teach lower players. And lower players can teach higher players.

Also, if anyone has a few dollars to spare, dont be afraid to donate. The clan needs funding for things like Tournaments, and special events.

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NEW* Emotions October 2019

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New members

Welcome all new members

Loyalty comes before skill

Play well, be smart, be happy

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sT Clan wars (weekly)

sT Clan Wars .,.. weekly…Any clan…Who want War??

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SeOul vs VNS_Challenge

See vns_challenge profile, click here


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