Mass-Knight Rush

Mass-Knight Rush


Basically, my aim is to get 20 knights in 20 minutes. It sounds impossible, but is not. This strategy involves using the Teutons because of their cheaper farms. Many other civs are viable also but because of the teuton’s farm bonus, it enables you to have less woodcutters, or more farmers. This strategy is specifically for pocket players only. You can risk using this strategy if you were on the sides, but that would be a big risk.

What you need:

1. 4 sheep + bonus 2 sheep, don’t really need the other bonus sheep but you can if you want
2. 2 boars.
3. Don’t need to hunt deer, but if they are close, you can hunt them.
4. Berry bush.

The build up:

Well, its just like most build ups;
1. 6 on sheep, 1 forager, 2 woodcutters and 1 house builder/boar lurer are the first set of villagers

2. By 10 minutes, you should have achieved the following:

  • 26/30 population
  • 14 villagers on food
  • 11 villagers on wood
  • + scout
    (or something like that)
    3. You want to mine gold after the 10 minute mark too… trust me, you will need it. I have tested this strategy over 10 times and found that you will need LOTS of gold, repeat, LOTS of gold

    4. Transfer 2 from food to gold and make town centre gathering point to gold

    5. Now you can look at your resources and see do you need more food, if you do, make some villagers to go to food instead

    6. With a population of 32, click feudal

    7. By now, you should have:

  • 32/50
  • 11 villagers on wood still
  • about 12 on food
  • 7 gold miners
  • and 1 builder building barracks while feudaling
  • + scout

    8. As soon as you get to feudal, build blacksmith with 3 woodcutters and a stable with 1- 2 miners and queue 3 villagers at town center

    9. With the 3 villagers who built the blacksmith, make another mining camp at a different gold mine

    10. The 3 villagers you made from the town centre go to the new gold mine

    11. Advance to Castle Age

    12. Meanwhile, DON’T do any upgrades because it is impossible to achieve 20 knights in 20 minutes if you did do upgrades

    13. Using the same builder who built the stables, build 3 more stables, in total of 4

    14. Make more houses

    15. As soon as you hit castle, train knights… do NOT make villagers from the town centre, it won’t work
    16. Queue knights is top priority (queue farms at the mill to save some time)

    17. You should have 12 miners and only 8 woodcutters

    18. By 20 minutes, you should have queued (non-stop) 20 knights AND more coming
    19. From there, is up to you.

    by Chichiri