Some 2k Members [2]

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Enjoys: AoC, Drinking, Backpacking, and Motorcycles.
Favourite Civs: There is only one Civ.
Age: 29
My goal is to hunt down wallers and TG players and make them my puppet.

Enjoys: Playing Drums, Fishing, Smoking weed, Drinking, and AoE
Favourite Civs: Japanese, Mongols and Byzantines
Age: 32
My goal is to be 2k in Casual and Madness, and 19++ in RCB.


Enjoys: Shooting, making Software, Football and AoE
Favourite Civs: Jap, Mongols, and Britons
Age: 19
My goal is to be happy with all

[sT] PrIMeZ
Enjoys: Working out, and everything !
Favourite Civs: I am pro with all Civ
Age:  20
My goal is to bash ALL