This is a list of staff involved in the clan. From accepting members, to managing tournaments. These are the key members who make it happen.


canada[sT] Mike_

Enjoys: long walks on the beach, skateboarding, driving my
truck, making money, owning noobs in arabia, and more.

Favourite Civs: Turks, Huns, Spanish

Age: 29

My goal in Voobly is to become known as a great leader among giants.

 [sT] PrIMeZ

Enjoys: Bashing All and winning Voobly Tournaments.

Favourite Civs: All

Age: 20

My goal is to be #1 player, and form #1 clan.






us [sT] Troy 

Enjoys: playing tournaments in gears of war, playing irl tournaments in Madden, Watching movies/shows with family

Favourite Civs: Teutons, Mayans, Huns

Age: 18

My goal is to become an improved player and eventually help Voobly staff by volunteering.


venezula [sT] Cleo 

Enjoys: Cinema, chocolate, food, cooking, music.

Favourite Civs: Turks, Spanish, and Britons

Age: 21

My goal is That every day we are more; that we integrate this great community.


pakistan [sT] Khan_X 

Enjoys: Playing CBA Hero 1v1 and try new tricks. Also loves snow.

Favourite Civs: Saracens, Britons, and Japan

Age: 18

My goal is to own PriMeZ in CBA Hero 1v1